open letter to everyone I’ve lost touch with

Dear friend,

For years
we haven’t spoken
but today
I think of you
with fondness for
the time we shared.

I’m sorry for whatever happened
to make us lose touch.
Maybe we moved apart,
our interests changed,
but we were too afraid,
or undecided, or preoccupied
to reify the separation
in words.

I don’t fare well
with lack of closure
so here I am
(if you will listen)
to try and
make things right.

People say they “click”
as if they were cogs
in some unruly machine
but I believe we are
waves in the water
flowing, growing in
unexpected directions
and on some level
we know where
we want to go.

If our movements
ever happen to
align again
I will be happy
to learn and
the you of today,

and either way
I wish this vast
ocean brings you
nothing but the best.


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